A couple of years ago Covid hit us all like a truck and the subsequent pandemic flipped our lives upside down. There were countless changes made to accommodate this unprecedented situation we found ourselves in, some of them were quick fixes that have since gone away, while others were hidden gems that have found a way to stick around.

One of the things that was affected most by covid was entertainment. Live music, plays, concerts, sporting events, and many other forms of entertainment were forced to cease operations until they could find a way to make it safer. The Kalamazoo State Theatre decided to have curbside concerts outside of their venue to offer entertainment while still adhering to the CDC's guidelines. Now 3 years later, the Curbside Concerts are here to stay.

Harry Phillips, the theatre's director of marketing and development mentioned that the State on the Street initiative is their version of outdoor dining and was a great substitute for indoor shows. The idea was successful enough to become a mainstay, as Philips says it is now part of the theatre's DNA.

We've already missed the first show but there will be many more to come as the weather gets nicer and we reach peak concert season. Lady Ace Boogie DJ'd the entire show and showcased many artists to kick off the series for the Kalamazoo State Theatre as they hope the rest of the series will be just as great.

All the shows are free as they open up the patio, bring in food vendors, and set up a full-service bar outside their theatre at 404 S Burdick Street. All seating on the patio is first come first served, but this doesn't mean you can't bring your own chair or choose to stand/dance the entire time. The patio opens half an hour before the show starts so be aware as seats will fill up fast.

They will have 4 more shows this year coming on July 14th, August 4th, September 15th, and October 6th. They will have an array of artists participate throughout the summer to represent the diversity in our community, but the final show in October is the coolest thing ever. The last show will be a battle for Kalamazoo.

Local bands can sign up to perform at Presidential Brewing, Rugger's Up and Under, and Final Gravity to try and grab a slot in the competition. This is open to all genres and interested parties are asked to contact those businesses if they would like to perform. They would like 80% of the music to be original and not covers.

The three finalists will each play a 45-minute show in October and will be awarded a cash prize courtesy of the Kalamazoo State Theatre depending on how attendees vote for them and the winner will receive studio time at La Luna Recording here in Kalamazoo. If you would like tickets or need more information visit kazoostate.com

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