Shortly before the Covid-19 Pandemic started the city of Kalamazoo and MDOT started and began to plan and execute many construction projects within the city's limits. From Interstate projects to roundabouts, bike lanes, buildings, and more have been updated or added to our streets. This has changed traffic patterns and caused delays all around town for years now.

We are no strangers to road work and other construction taking place in our city. Many of the residents in Michigan have been heard saying that we have 5 seasons; spring, summer, fall, winter, and construction. Often those projects are delayed for multiple reasons and once again, we are back waiting on construction. Here's a rundown of the projects going on in Kalamazoo and when they are projected to be completed.

 I-94 Portage Rd Exit

This is a project that started right before Covid-19 which obviously threw a huge wrench into production. They were slowed down due to workers being out sick, supply chain shortages, and weather. This was supposed to be done over a year ago and was then related to be completed toward the beginning of August. Now as we are halfway through August, it is clear that this will not be finished until at least the beginning of September if not later.

New Downtown Court Building

The new district court building that is underway on Kalamazoo Avenue downtown started earlier this year and was anticipated to be open to the public starting on October 16th. Since then, production hasn't been at the speed that they predicted leading to yet another setback in the project. The courthouse has been delayed by two months and is set to open to the public in December.

Ransom St

They are making improvements to the tune of $12 million to replace the water, wastewater, and stormwater utilities. They will obviously be repaving this portion of the road as well, which does include bricks that are over 100 years old. Some of the bricks will be preserved and used on the new version of Ransom St. They are working on the section between Walbridge and Burdick Streets until the end of 2024. They will resume with the portion from Burdick St to Westnedge Ave next year.

Cork St

The City of Kalamazoo is preparing the two railroad crossings that sit between Emerald Drive and Sprinkle Road. This project is set to be completed in November. This project started back in March and began with paving, crosswalk, and traffic light upgrades from Portage Road to Emerald Drive. This is $7.3 million project that includes bike lanes and improvements to the water infrastructure.

Patterson St Bridge

The bridge that sits over a portion of the Kalamazoo River on Patterson Street has been under construction since February. This was a $.6 million project that is just to update the structural integrity and repairs. There is no timetable on when this construction will be finished but all traffic is being redirected until then.

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