Shakespeare's Pub has been a staple in Kalamazoo for decades and has become a tradition or used to be a tradition for many individuals, friend groups, families, etc to visit for food, drinks, and a good time. They used to have a comedy/open mic/mixer/event type space available to rent in their lower level and at one point that lower level served as a part of the pub because they were so busy.

A few years before covid came to upend our lives Shakespeare's decided to close up shop down on the lower level after a few altercations during some shows, not enough revenue coming to keep it open, and other reasons. Covid sure hasn't helped in revitalizing this portion of the space, but now they are looking to offer the space to someone willing to pay the price.

While scrolling on Facebook I came across a post from Shakespeare's mentioning in big bold letters that they were not closing but instead had an opportunity they wanted to present. They are leasing the lower level of their building and cited a few different types of businesses that they would prefer to rent the space out to, but I don't think they will be too picky.

As you can see above, they want to rent the space out to a yoga studio, gym, barbershop, or something along those lines but this might be a great opportunity for someone to open up a speakeasy kind of place, maybe a cigar lounge, or something along those lines to offer night entertainment in downtown Kalamazoo.

I'm not sure what their asking price is, what their limitations are, and what other kind of guidelines they would like to set when leasing the space out but I can imagine that someone will come up with something that will be lucrative but also fulfills a need for the community.

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