Hooters started as a small concept but eventually grew into a global business worth billions of dollars. Seeing in the success in the beginning others began to hop on the train and became franchise owners as they were looking to get in on the business. The "breasturant" concept was started by Hooters and was meant to attract customers by providing good food and eye candy. For a while, this worked and created a global phenomenon but in the last decade and a half, things have been trending downward.

There are many reasons why Hooters locations have been closing around not only the country but the world as well. Part of it is due to the fact that millennials, who make up a large percentage of the buying power aren't as interested in their business model. Other than disinterest, Hooters is also dealing with the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic and now has competition in the "breasturant" world. As the problems continue to stack on more Hooters stores are closing, but somehow Michigan has been able to hold on to 4 different locations in the state.

Hooters has been around since the 1980s and for a while was a one of kind restaurant. One where women wear revealing clothing while waiting on you during your meal. It was almost a rite of passage event that some men would take with their sons at a certain age. Since then, things have changed as many people have stopped visiting the chain and they have competition.

Luckily for Michigan, Hooters is very much alive and well as there are still 4 locations hanging on in the Mitten State. I wouldn't say that any of the Hooter's locations are necessarily busy or anyone's favorites, but they are still getting enough business to remain open. It helps a ton that we only have a few other places to get wings and there is no Twin Peaks were yet. The 4 Michigan locations are in Grand Rapids, Flint, Saginaw, and Detroit.

Places like WingStop and Buffalo Wild Wings have made it increasingly difficult for Hooters to remain in business as they make eating wings less awkward. They also have menus that are better than Hooters, who's menu hasn't changed in years. The biggest issue they have had has been the addition of true competition. Twin Peaks, who has the same business model with different outfits and menu, has seen an uptick in business.

Glimpse Inside El Paso''s New Hooters

Glimpse Inside El Paso's New Hooters'

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