I have this running joke that the only good things that the state of Ohio have ever given the world are Cedar Point and Lebron James. Yes, it's obviously a joke as I know many amazing people from Ohio and the Pro Football Hall of Fame is there as well in Canton Ohio. Nonetheless, I'm a true Michigan fan and true Michigander who despises all things Ohio and especially that God awful Ohio State University.

One of the two things I enjoy from Ohio is Lebron James, I believe he is one of, if not the greatest basketball player the planet has ever seen. He has been one of the biggest names in the sport since he was a sophomore in high school but has also built a loving family and given back to his community on multiple occasions, but the biggest being the I Promise School and I Promise Institute. Now, his hometown of Akron Ohio, is looking to honor him to show their appreciation.

There will now be a Lebron James Museum in Akron Ohio that opens up on Saturday. November 25th. The Museum is opening just two days after the Thanksgiving holiday and is an exclusive exhibit to Akron. The exhibit is considered to exclusive to Akron because it has things that can only be seen there like his childhood drum set, Mcdonald's All-American jersey, the original rim and backboard he played with at St Vincent-St Mary's in high school, and more.

I know that I don't like anything from Ohio and definitely hate being in the state, you'd be a fool to think I'm not going to make my way to Akron to walk through the Lebron James Museum. I'm excited to see everything from his childhood apartment and locker room to his high school gym and current home office.

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