I've never been a fan of gambling because it doesn't make any sense to me. I work too hard for my money so why would I just give it away for no desired purpose? To me, gambling is just tossing your money away on the chance that you could win big, there's no kind of guarantee in that. I understand that you have to spend money and take chances to make money but that doesn't seem like a good risk to take.

Nonetheless, people cram into casinos day in and day out to place their sports bets, hit the slot machines, roll the craps table, or even get a hit on the blackjack deck. Some people have left as big-time winners while others have left in debt. Some people are fine with leaving with more than they came with while others try and be greedy. I heard there are some strategies to gambling but I wouldn't know as I don't participate. If I did give it a try it would be at one of these Michigan casinos, which have been named the luckiest in the state.

Since gambling became legal in Michigan in the 1980s, there has been a thriving casino scene. Home to 26 land-based casinos, only 11 states have more than the Great Lakes State. Casinos in Michigan brought in a whopping $3.2 billion in revenue as recently as 2022, and it's also just one of five states that allow natives to play at online casino sites, safe to say, Michigan and casinos go hand-in-hand.
So, with that in mind, our research and analytics teams decided it was time to find out one of the most critical questions of all - which casino in the state of Michigan is the luckiest and which is the unluckiest. To find out, we went to the place it matter most - the reviews from real-life visitors and casino players. We measured luck-related keywords such as "lucky", "won", "winning", and "success" to determine which casinos had the highest percentage, relative to their reviews.
Coming out at the top of the list was Gun Lake Casino, one that Southwest Michigan gets to call home. Sitting in between Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids off US-131, Gun Lake Casino boasts an impressive 43.2% luck-related keyword percentage in their reviews. Gun Lake was almost an entire 10% better than the next luckiest casino.
Lac Vieux, Four Winds New Buffalo, Firekeeper's, and Saganing Eagles Landing finish out the top 5 with percentages above 30%. Right outside of the top 5 is Four Winds Dowagiac as both of the Four Winds locations are doing well.  The only Detroit Casion in the Top 10 was the MotorCity Casino.
Overall, if you are a gambler you may want to take a look at this list before deciding which casino to hit next. The casinos in Southwest Michigan seem to be the luckiest in the state as they all were in the top 10. I'm not giving you the okay to gamble just helping you be successful.

Unluckiest to Luckiest: Ranking 'Luck' in 17 Michigan Casinos

How do you measure luck in a Michigan casino? You go where people share their most brutal and honest opinions: reviews. Casinos.com mined Trip Advisor reviews for happy customers using keywords like 'luck,' 'success,' and 'win' to determine which Michigan casino was the luckiest. For the full methodology of the Casinos.com study, see the link on the #1 entry. Beginning with the state's most unlucky, let's countdown to Michigan's Luckiest Casino.

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If your looking for the best casinos in Michigan you really won't have far to drive. They all are within a 3 or 4 hour drive. The 2 closest to Lansing are Firekeepers and Soaring Eagle. I am a fan of them both. The question is where do you feel the most Lucky?

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