One of the scariest things about life is that one day you could just lose your job. Now, I'm not talking about the people who show up late all the time, don't finish their work before deadlines, or make other mistakes repeatedly. I'm talking about the people who are right more times than they are wrong, even those people can be laid off with little to no notice, making almost no one feel secure in their position.

This has been nothing new as we have seen layoffs for years upon years now and the Covid-19 pandemic didn't make things better on either side. Some people chose to leave their jobs during that period and not go back while some businesses couldn't afford to keep all their employees and had to let some of them go. Since the pandemic has come to an end, many have returned to work, prompting research to see the retention rates of employees over the last year, and let's just say Michigan is doing far better than some other states.

Now, I'm not saying that businesses in Michigan aren't laying anyone off or firing anyone because not too long ago, Pfizer, a business right here in Kalamazoo laid off hundreds of employees, so it's still a very real problem. Although that is going on, there are still great numbers for residents in Michigan working and retaining their jobs over the latter.

The ranking, collated by HR Tech experts SelectSoftware Reviews, shows the percentage change in the job quits rate for each state between December 2022 and December 2023. The job quits rate is defined as the number of people resigning during an entire month as a percentage of the number of people employed.   

Michigan has placed third in the ranking for the states with the greatest decline in job quitting, with the job quits rate decreasing by 37.5% from December 2022 to December 2023The Great Lakes State is following the national trend, with the decline in quitting, but is doing so at a faster rate; the national quits rate decreased by 15.4% across the same 12-month period.

Since less people are quitting there are less employers firing employees as well. I'm not sure how that works but the math is all right there for us. There are more residents in Michigan working than there are in other states. The production may be part of the reason why, but we also seem to have great leadership within the Michigan businesses.

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