Grocery shopping has become one of the most stressful chores or responsibilities that one is responsible for. Due to inflation and the rising cost of everything, the lack of workers to stock shelves, low supply, and the overall process of grocery shopping, many loathe having to walk through the aisle of their local grocery store. We have seen many things from fights, shootings, stabbings to stolen merchandise because of these emotions.

Michigan once again is the topic of discussion surrounding crazy things happening at the grocery store. I remember while attending Adrian College that someone had been stabbed and people had been abducted from the local Walmart. This time, we're traveling a little more East and dealing with Kroger, a Midwest exclusive. One Michigan mother may be facing serious legal ramifications after her recent outburst.

Shelby Parham is a mother who lives in St Clair Shores, Michigan and goes to her local Kroger to purchase groceries. She does receive benefits from the state government and as someone who knows how the system works, sometimes it can be clunky. While shopping at Kroger in December, Parham was trying to use her EBT or "Bridge" card to purchase the groceries, unfortunately there was problem accepting the payment.

Parham then was asking a Kroger Employee for help, but the employee could do nothing to help as there were not enough funds to complete the purchase. This is when things turned sideways, as the employee explained she could not help, she also walked away, and this made Parham more upset. Following this action, Parham followed the employee and then struck her in the face.

Police were called to the store and were able to separate the parties, detain the necessary parties, and then figure out what happened. Thanks to witness testimony and above video footage they were able to determine that Parham striking the employee was unwarranted and would result in her being taken to the station and for assault charges to be brought against her. She is still awaiting court but may be facing up to a year of prison time as a consequence.

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