It's no surprise that Americans all over the country love their football. From the peewee and rocket football leagues all over the country, flag football, and powderpuff football to high school, college, and NFL football. There is even a professional women's football league along with several semi-pro leagues all over the nation. Last year, there were two professional spring leagues to give fans football during the NFL offseason, the XFL and USFL.

The XFL and USFL were owned by different people, used different players, and had different rules. Now, the two leagues will merge to create the Ultimate Football League (UFL) and be under one leadership crew that will be joint from the previous two. They decided to have 8 total teams and split them into two 4 team conferences. Both leagues had 8 teams, but only half of those teams still exist. Somehow, the Michigan Panthers, based in Detroit, made the cut.

The UFL will consist of 5 teams that are coming over from the XFL and another 3 teams coming over from the USFL.

Birmingham Stallions

Houston Roughnecks

Memphis Showboats

Michigan Panthers

The XFL conference will be the following teams:

Arlington Renegades,

D.C. Defenders,

San Antonio Brahmas,

St. Louis Battlehawks

So, not only are the Detroit Lions having a great season winning the NFC North Division Title and preparing for a run at a Super Bowl win and the Lombardi Trophy but the city has more football coming. Now, Detroit can rejoice as when the NFL ends the UFL will start and they still get professional football, along with an opportunity to cheer their Panthers on to a possible championship. Check out this promo/hype video for the 2024 UFL season:

Potential Oklahoma NFL Football Team Names

With the success and shocking longevity of the OKC Thunder basketball team, Oklahomans are now talking endlessly about football and the NFL. While just rumors and hopeful wishes still, it's fun to think of the potential names for a pro football team in our state capital. Straight from Facebook, here are the top suggestions.

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