I'm convinced that Adam Richman started an eating trend that the country of America didn't need. I can remember being an elementary and middle school kid, sitting down in front of the TV during dinner time or right after school and watching Adam on his TV show, Man Vs Food. Adam would travel around the country trying the hottest and hardest food challenges the country had to offer.

Before we knew it, there were tens of hundreds of people trying their luck with food challenges all over the world. We have people that are now traveling from different countries just to try an eating challenge. Which I'm sure is a great experience but is it healthy for anyone to be eating that much food in that short of time? One may never know but those living in and visiting Michigan have a new challenge to try.

There are multiple places around the Mitten State that will give you an eating challenge to try. One of the most notable spots for Michiganders is Arlene's Truck Stop in Battle Creek, they are known for their large portions and challenges. I'm not sure if these places are trying to encourage Joey Chestnut to visit or not, but it's working because people are all about trying to beat the challenges.

The newest challenge comes by way of Basement Burger Bar but only at their location in Detroit. The new challenge is called "The Beast Challenge", which consists of 2-pound cheeseburger that has 8 slices of bacon on it. Alongside this behemoth of a burger are 2.5 pounds of chili cheese fries and a 32oz milkshake.

Contestants have 30 minutes to finish the entire meal which would make the meal free, failure to do so means those who try must pay for the food. Winners also get to see their picture go up on the Basement Burger Bar's Wall of Fame and they get to keep the bucket the shake comes in as a trophy. The bucket says "I Defeated The Beast At Basement Burger Bar".

I know for a fact that I can't eat all that food but are you up to give it a try? If the burger doesn't sound good, check out the amazing food and portion sizes at Arlene's Truck Stop below.

Impressive Food Challenges at Arlene's Truck Stop in Battle Creek, Michigan

Not only does Arlenes Truck Stop have great food, but they also offer four food challenges that are quite impressive. Arlene's is located just off I-94 at Exit 92, near Battle Creek, Michigan. Get ready to be impressed and start planning your visit!

Gallery Credit: Brad Carpenter/Arlene's Truck Stop