Every year there are hundreds of thousands of restaurants competing with each other for consumership but also for awards to show how good their food and business are. These restaurants take time to hire and train the right staff, create the perfect ambiance, and cater to their guests to receive the best reviews. Restaurants are looking for the perfect combination of service, atmosphere, food, drinks, and music/entertainment, some are more successful than others.

Every year the James Beard Foundation awards restaurants and chefs for their efforts. Michigan is no stranger to these awards as 5 restaurants within the Mitten State were nominated in 2023 and there are several more in previous years. Every year, during April, several restaurants and chefs around the country receive hardware from the James Beard Foundation, and this Michigan restaurant is looking to win this year.

Last year in 2023 Michigan managed to land 5 different restaurants on the nominees list but none of them won an award, this year, just one lone restaurant is trying to take home the crown. This is an uphill battle for these Michigan restaurants as they are often competing with big-name competitors from cities like Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, and others.

In 2024, Mamba Hamissi and Nadia Nijimbere, Baobab Fare, Detroit are nominated for the JBF award known as Outstanding Restaurateur, which is described as

“A restaurateur who uses their establishment(s) as a vehicle for building community, demonstrates creativity in entrepreneurship, integrity in restaurant operations, and is making efforts to create a sustainable work culture, while contributing positively to their broader community.”

Baobab Fare is a restaurant that specializes in East African cuisine and culture that is located on Woodward Ave in downtown Detroit, they also have a food truck that they use at events such as DCFC games at Keyworth Stadium in Hamtramck. They have also moved into Little Caesars Arena and have started serving the Red Wings and Pistons fans and staff.

Baobab Fare has put itself on the map within the state of Michigan and is now closing in on the national spotlight. They have been labeled as semi-finalists and are now finalists for the aforementioned JBF award as they share the amazing food and culture of East Africa.

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