Last year, Elon Musk and Tesla entered their electric vehicle model into the truck game. For years Tesla had been servicing the sedan and SUV markets with electric vehicles that were known to have long battery life while also reducing the carbon footprint of the drivers. This would grab the attention of many as we are trying to go green and save our world.

Tesla created and released their version of the pickup truck, known as the Cybertruck in the late stages of 2023. The Cybertruck quickly garnered praise from fans but also questions from doubters, and the same can still be said today. Many people are not fans of Tesla and their electric model while others are full supporters, but this recall may shake things up, as this is these are the third and fourth recalls since the release.

Tesla has issued a recall on every single one of their Cybertrucks for multiple reasons. The first is a piece of the black plastic trim surrounding the truck bed may come loose and fly off the vehicle. This not only creates a road hazard for others on the road but also increases the chances of collision, injury, or worse.

The other recall involves the opposite side of the vehicle, the windshield. Cybertrucks come equipped with one single windshield wiper that covers the entire pane of glass. Literally, this thing is HUGE and is unlike the traditional two wiper system we see on every other weekend. The single wiper can cause an excessive electric current to run through the motor and cause it to fail.

NHSTA documents showcased missing piece of the Cybertruck that had been transported to a delivery center on a car hauler truck and Cybertruck owners will be asked to bring their trucks to a Tesla service center where the trim piece will either be replaced or installed properly with “adhesion promotor” and pressure sensitive tape.

Tesla will begin notifying owners of the recall in mid-August.

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