Buying and/or selling a house in this housing market has caused many citizens stress as they are having trouble selling their homes or finding a new house that is within their budget. Much like everything else in the world, the housing market has seen a steady inflation after the pandemic and many people have bowed out and have stayed put. Although there is a rise in prices there are some states that are having a better time selling homes than others.

As someone who lives in Michigan it doesn't seem like I hear about too many people buying a new house or hear about anybody selling their home, but that could mean a couple of things. It could mean that nobody is really buying or selling, or it could mean that I'm just not noticing that there's houses for sale before they are sold. Believe it or not but Michigan is the third easiest state to sell a home in the entire country.

The study conducted by real estate experts at Agent Advice analyzed the latest Zillow data, which showed the average number of days it took for an offer to be accepted on a home in each state and the average number of days it took to close the sale. Although Michigan couldn't be first another Midwest and neighboring state was Indiana came in at number 1. 

Michigan takes third place on the list. Homes in Michigan take an average of 35.13 days for an offer to be accepted, followed by an average of 31.01 days to close the sale, adding up to an average of 66.14 days to sell a home from start to finish. If you're looking for a home or looking to sell, now is the time to get into the game as homes are selling within 2 months on average.

When asked about their findings, Chris Heller from Agent Advice had this to say:

“One thing that can be interpreted is that in the Midwest, it seems to be easiest to sell your home, with the top three being made up of Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan. The number of days is due to several reasons, demand to move to these states, a lack of supply for affordable housing, or a combination of both. Furthermore, some states seemingly have a big gap between how long it takes for a sale to be closed and how long it takes for an offer to be accepted, showing that conditions on the side of the estate agent may not be as feasible.”

Although it is easier to sell a home here in the Mitten state than others, we still need to work on these prices, not only here in Michigan but all over the country. Mortgage rates and the overall value of homes has gone way to high, pretty soon no one is going to be able to afford their own home and we're going to have families living together.

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