There isn't a state within America that believes it isn't the best state to ever exist but quite frankly that can both be true and false at the same time. I think everyone has a different idea of what makes a state better than others which could create a difference in opinions that could all be true. For example, some people like city life and attractions while others like peace, quiet, and nature, so one of them would love a state like California while the other might like Montana.

Nonetheless, no matter how you cut the pie, every state will fight tooth and nail to be considered better than the rest. Every state will take their wins where they can get them such as California being known for surfing and movies, New York being busy and dirty, or even Louisana which is known for Voodoo, Cajun Food, and Mardi Gras. Michigan is no different as we are the Beer and Great Lakes State but how do we stack up against other states in the Midwest?

You can have 1,000 different categories to break each state down into and you still won't be able to find a definitive answer on which state is the best because it is all so subjective. Although, US News tried to find the best overall state and ranked them all 1-50, with number 1 being the best and 50 being the worst. Michigan falls in the bottom 10 of this list, which none of us saw coming.

The Midwest overall was all over the list as the region had 3 states in the top 10, another 1 in the top 30, and two more in the top 40 before reaching the Mitten State. The states were measured using the following metrics:

  • Crime and Corrections
  • Education
  • Economy
  • Fiscal Stability
  • Health Care
  • Infrastructure
  • Natural Environment
  • Opportunity

Each state was ranked 1-50 on each of the metrics and then was given an overall score based on the average. Some categories were weighted differently than others which may have skewed the results as well. Here is where the Midwest states landed on the list:

  • #3 Nebraska
  • #4 Minnesota
  • #6 Iowa
  • #17 Wisconsin
  • #30 Indiana
  • #36 Ohio
  • #38 Illinois
  • #42 Michigan

I can't believe they said Ohio is a better state than Michigan but then again their weighted metrics could be to blame. Anyway, this is how the Mitten state ranked in each of the categories:

  • Crime and Corrections: #38
  • Education: #41
  • Economy: #28
  • Fiscal Stability: #32
  • Health Care: #29
  • Infrastructure: #41
  • Natural Environment: #30
  • Opportunity: #27

Do you agree with these rankings? Would you rank anything higher or lower? Do you think Michigan is better than any of the Midwest states ranked above them?

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