I actually had no clue that there was a such thing as a food hall but now that I think it about, this idea makes so much sense. It's basically like a barbershop, salon, or strip mall but it's for food instead. So everyone there has their own kitchen, prep area, register counter, and menu space in exchange for their booth rent.

I have been to one food hall before in Syracuse and there were about 8 different restaurants or so in this area that all offered different cuisines. There is nothing of the sort here in Kalamazoo but now I'm thinking that someone should be trying to put one together. It reminds me of Ribfest where there are a plethora of places to choose from all in one place, but Detroit isn't too far.

The first black-owned food hall in Michigan is coming to the inner city and I don't think there's a better place for it. Located at 10625 West McNichols in Detroit is "Whatcha Wanna Eat?", who just had its grand opening just 4 days ago. This will be the home to 9 first-time restaurant owners as they look to serve the community. You can find the food hall at @whatchawannaeatfoodhall on TikTok to see what they have to offer.

@enjoymotorcity DETROIT’S FIRST INNER CITY FOOD HALL JUST OPENED on the city’s West Side! @whatchawannaeatfoodhall is the new home to 9 first-time restaurant owners, all under one roof. Yesterday was their Grand Opening, and there was so much love, celebration and cultural exchange in the building. This economic development project is incredible. Some of these businesses include: @crazyburgers2023 @hwaffles @delectabowl @poonskitchen @yourperfectblend1 @borderlinetacos @mrbailey1014 and more. Pull-up and support some of these amazing minority-owned eateries. ✊ #Detroit ♬ original sound - enjoymotorcity

The TikTok video above shows some of the vibes from their grand opening. Some of the businesses seen in the video include @crazyburgers2023 @hwaffles @delectabowl @poonskitchen @yourperfectblend1 @borderlinetacos @mrbailey1014. Those are all of their TikTok handles if you would like to look at each individual shop.

They believe that "Whatcha Wanna Eat?" will become more than a food hall and will be more of a community hub as many will gather there to dine but will find themselves in intriguing conversations, vibing to the atmosphere, or just enjoying everyone's company. I'm excited to stop in and support them because this is monumental.

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