Back in 2006, Michigan signed a bill into law stating that all schools within the state must start after the Labor Day holiday or they must complete a waiver addressed to the Michigan Department of Education requesting permission to start early. Some schools were exempt from this policy because they meet special requirements that allow them to start early.

A new bill has been introduced that would allow school districts in Michigan to have a little more freedom when setting their school schedules for the year. This is something that would help tons of school districts and would alleviate a lot of paperwork as the waivers will no longer be needed.

House Bill HB4671 states that school districts should have the freedom to set their own schedules and is looking to reverse the law made in 2006 that restricts starting school prior to Labor Day. The bill is sponsored by Democratic representative Matt Koleszar from Plymouth and was presented to the Michigan House Education Committee for approval.

The executive director of the Michigan Association of School Boards, Don Wotruba has cited that individual school districts will benefit from this more than anyone else as they be able to set their schedule based on their communities' needs. This also alleviates some of the stress that comes with snow days or other missed days that stretch the school year into mid-June.

This will also combat learning loss from having a longer summer and gives individual school districts an opportunity to create a schedule that makes the 1,098 hours and 180 school days of instruction the easiest and most efficient for all parties involved. There is currently some negotiation around the bill but would need to pass the House, Senate, and be signed by the Governor before it would be made into law.

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