Covid has completely changed our lives as we have had to adapt our lifestyles multiple times due to the flu-like virus. Way back in the tail-end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, the entire world was shut down to deal with the ravaging illness that was plaguing our planet. Since then, we have been able to find vaccinations and methods to return to as normal as possible.

Just like any other virus on the planet, Covid has continued to mutate and become stronger in some cases. We have seen multiple variants of make their way to the surface but most of them weren't strong enough to bypass the vaccine. There were a handful that made things rougher but most of the time rest, antibiotics, and booster shots handled those. Now, there is a new dominant variant strain in the US with new symptoms that are just bizarre, it goes by the name: JN.1 and could be in Ohio before you know it. 

As JN.1 continues to make its way through the country and world there is more research being done as the patients continue to come forward. There has been a lot of focus on making sure that medical personal take diligent notes and report all cases to the CDC as they look to keep this under control and make the public aware.

So far, the CDC hasn't officially labeled the new factors as symptoms, but they have been reported enough to raise some concerns. Now all of the original symptoms like fever, dry cough, aches, shortness of breath and more but these new factors are more behavioral than physical.

Patients who have been diagnosed with the JN.1 variant have reported feeling higher levels of anxiety and fatigue. The fatigue is said to come from having trouble falling asleep, but they aren't sure if it's just due to the other symptoms or if it is somehow tied to insomnia. The other factor is anxiety as many patients have expressed more worry or anxiety while sick, but some doctors believe it could be from a lack of Vitamin D as there is not as much sunlight during this time of year.

Even though we all hate it, Covid is here to stay and won't be leaving us alone anytime soon. The virus will continue to make variants, but the good thing is that most of the variants are not strong enough to bypass the vaccine. So be on the lookout for all of the previous Covid symptoms while also looking for fatigue and anxiety to surface.

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