Many of us spend countless hours of our lives parked in front of a television, tablet, phone, or laptop/desktop screen watching one of the many sporting events that come on in a year. Whether it is in the comfort of your own home, at work, or at a sports bar, one of the most relaxing and enjoyable things for many of us is watching our favorite sport/team go to battle. Although watching on TV can be enjoyable, there's nothing like being there in person.

Going to any sporting event can be tons of fun as you get to experience the ambiance but also feel the energy of the players as they give their all. You also get the fan experience of interacting with the other fans around you when good or bad things happen to your team. Lastly, it's just the most authentic way to enjoy the game as you get to be just feet away from your favorite players and coaches, but this does come at a cost. Luckily, for those in Ohio, that cost is significantly lower than most other states.

Most people desire to go to a professional sporting event at some point in their lives but for some people that's nothing more than a dream while for others it's a common occurrence. This is because going to professional sporting events in person can be expensive and seen as a luxury expense that some will not be able to afford. With that being said, Ohio is a state where it's a little less expensive, making it easier for middle and low-income families to support their favorite teams as well.

According to an article on Remitly, they ranked the states by average seat cost for a professional sports event, Ohio would be ranked 3rd cheapest in the country. They were only $28 more expensive than the cheapest average ticket price in the country. That would belong to their neighbors to the north, Michigan whose average ticket price is $101. Ohio has an average ticket price of $129 for its professional sporting events while Georgia is between the two with an average ticket price of $121.

Ohio is tied in 5th for the amount of sports teams they have in the state as they have 8 different teams competing across 4 sports. All data was compiled by Remitly and they used the formula of finding the average ticket price of each home game for each team in the state and then found the average of all the teams for the state together. Just as a fun fact, Massacheuttes is the state with the highest average ticket price at $236 per seat across the Bruins, Celtics, Patriots, Red Sox, and other professional teams.

How much would you be willing to pay to go to a professional sports game? Aren't you lucky to be living in Ohio and getting some of the cheapest tickets in the country?

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