I know I talk a lot about Ohio being worse than Michigan at just about anything, but the state isn't that bad compared to some of the others that exist mostly on the east coast and down south. I talked about some of the great things the state of Ohio has given the world like Lebron James, Halle Barry, The NFL and Pro Football Hall of Fame, and more.

Although all research isn't found the same, something about this is telling me that I can trust it. I just wrote not too long about Michigan being named the best drivers in the country and then they made sure to place Ohio in the bottom 10. Luckily for Ohio, it wasn't a Michigan person making the list and the statistics will keep them from being dead last.

According to Lending Tree, their research found that Ohio drivers were among the worst in the country. They used 4 metrics and then combined them all to get their final score for each state. Those metrics were: Accident's, DUI's, Speeding-related incidents, and Citations. When I read the rubric, I got a little bit of a clearer picture on how Michigan could be seen as the best drivers in the country.

These numbers do make sense considering that their state and city cops are always all over it. They will write you a ticket or citation for everything you do that breaks the driving laws and they have zero tolerance for drunk driving. Also, they get tough weather like we do so that will only contribute to the accidents and such, making their score worst.

With all of that said, Ohio scored an overall score of 28.90, which is all of the criteria above added together and then divided driving incidents per 1,000 drivers. So, they may not be the worst, but their score was still amongst the highest as they were only 22.43 behind the worst drivers who are in Rhode Island, and only .09 better than Indiana.

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