Ohio, much like every other state in the country, holds on to a level of power as they are trying to keep everyone safe and create the best life for their citizens that they can. This means that they go through the election process and find officials that will make the correct decisions to yield beautiful results as they are the state's immediate lawmakers as their rulings will coincide with the Federal Government's laws.

Over the last 10 or so years, the lawmakers have been in the eyes of the people more than ever as many changes have been occurring as the state and federal governments continue to flip flop between the two parties. Ohio has had to make decisions about many controversial topics like recreational marijuana use, owner-tenant rights, and abortion rights. The next hot topic on the menu are the state's gun laws.

There has been lots talking, discussions, and voting taking place within the Ohio Statehouse as they are trying to decide how they want to handle the gun laws within the state. One side is trying to find a way to make the gun laws a little looser and make citizens who believe in the second amendment strongly feel heard and supported. Meanwhile, the other side is trying it's best to keep the laws somewhat strict and allow for non-gun toting citizens to feel safe and heard.

I don't favor either side as I believe that people should have the right to bear some sort of arms to protect themselves but also agree with those who don't completely agree and think there should be some limits to gun laws. Lawmakers are discussing the ability to carry a concealed weapon into buildings that have courtrooms when court is not in session and also taking away firearm liability insurance.

Last week, two of the bills passed a chamber inside the Statehouse. The Ohio House approving one that allows people to carry concealed weapons inside buildings that contain courtrooms as along as court is not in session. Meanwhile, the Senate passed a bill that would stop gun owners from having to pay for firearms liability insurance, and the Second Amendment Preservation Act is making its way through hearings.

That bill would take power away from local police agencies when it comes to enforcing federal gun laws. Meanwhile, Senate Democrats are pushing back introducing legislation that they say would prevent gun violence. The package of bills targets firearm storage, mental health, domestic abusers and background checks.

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