Slang words have become a part of everyone vocabulary as you find easier ways to say things or ways to discreetly get your message across. The only thing is, not all slang is created equally as there are normally different slang terms that have the same meaning but are used in different parts of the country or world. Each state has its own vernacular that creates its style of speech and brings about their slang terms.

Ohio is just like any other state, they have several different slang terms that are unique to their area. Of course, there are terms like bet, yeah no, and no yeah that have the same meaning across the Midwest but there are also the individual slang words that each state has come up with on their own. Can you take a guess at which slang word is used the most in the state of Ohio?

Best Life finds things that stand out in every state and this time they are turning their eyes to the different slang terms used around the country. They wanted to know what words each state was using to communicate different things but also what slang terms they were using the most.

I hope you didn't think about this for too long or too hard because the answer is much simpler than you would believe. The slang term that is used the most in Ohio is Buckeye, yes, the state nickname is the most used slang term. The slang term Buckeye can refer to a native Ohioan, a buckeye tree and its accompanying nut, and the chocolate-covered peanut butter candy that's popular in Ohio.

I told you the number one slang term in Ohio wouldn't surprise you or were you thinking it was sarcasm?

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