Walmart is the definition of a one-stop shop as you can get things for your car, garden, household, food, clothing, toys, sporting equipment, camping, and more all in one large superstore. Also, some of the best views and craziest things happen at Walmart, hence all of the Facebook groups titled the people of so-and-so Walmart. It's a land of misfits where almost anything goes, but you better have your receipt if you go through the self-checkout.

Recently, Walmart announced that they would be cracking down on shoppers who are using the coupons to make sure they aren't taking advantage of the company. They are always looking for ways to maintain their low prices as that is one of their business models. One of the ways they have done that is by creating their brand of many products to reduce the price as they would be the manufacturer. Of course, this has its pros and cons, and one of those cons is the element of human error which may cause products to be recalled. That's what happened with this tasty snack that is sold in Ohio Walmarts.

It's time to get nutty, well actually you may want to be careful about which nuts you are choosing to indulge in. Some of us enjoy the sweet snacks while others like to enjoy the salty snacks, both are great at times. Not all salty snacks are created equally though, some are chip connoisseurs while others like crackers or even pretzels. These are all amazing salty snacks but one of the slept-on ones is nuts.

There are hundreds of types of nuts that are safe to eat and grow in all kinds of environments around the world. Planters is probably the most recognized brand of nuts whether it be peanuts, almonds, cashews, or others. They are not the nuts in question today instead, it is the Great Value brand that has its hand in the cookie jar. One of their nut products has been recalled due to a manufacturing error.

The Great Value Honey Roasted Cashews 8.25 oz plastic cans with a blue label bearing the cryptic stamp "Best if used by Jul 08 2025 GH2," have been recalled for an alarming reason. They have placed the wrong nuts in this bag which is a huge issue for many reasons but mostly for those who are allergic. As always customers are encouraged to check their homes for the product and either return it for a full refund or dispose of it.

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