Facebook was the second social media platform to really take off but at this point, it has surpassed Myspace, causing many people to claim Facebook as the first. Like this makes me think of Soulja Boy and how any time someone in the music industry said they did something first, here comes Big Draco like "nah I did it first" that's the relationship that Facebook and Myspace have.

With that being said, Facebook is seeing the most drama while also seeing the funniest memes and the wildest of interactions. If I'm looking for a laugh, 9 times out of 10, I'm going to open up the Facebook app. In a matter of a few scrolls, I have seen someone arguing with their significant other, a fight, 4 memes, and somebody's kid being goofy. Those things are hilarious to look at on a daily basis but what I saw on my newsfeed yesterday blew me away.

I mean it seems like since the beginning of Facebook people have brought their private problems onto the internet platform for everyone to know. One of the things that commonly shared on the social media platform is their relationship status, pictures with their partner, and even their arguments and issues. This doesn't do anything but allow for other people to place their two cents into the issue or just make a mockery of your relationship.

One woman decided to skip the social media part of things but it's almost impossible to avoid it as someone else decided to bring the issue to the internet. A pregnant women made posters with a picture of her husband and the following words:

Attention all TENANTS: Someone in this building is sleeping with my husband here (@redacted address) I really don't have time for the BS. We have 5 kids together and we are expecting the 5th one. I don't have time for the unnecessary stress. Stop it NOW! It is not hard to find your own man. You not even good enough his real number just a text now. Thank you.

As you can see in the picture above there are a lot of things wrong with the picture, not only the poster but also the picture that's been painted for us by the wife. I chose to ignore most of the grammatical errors, but I'm confused on a couple of things. Like it hurt my head to read this a little bit and I have so many questions for the both of them because WHAT!?

Firstly, why did she take the time to create posters and post them at the apartment complex? Why is she more upset at the other women than she is at her husband? Is the kid your expecting the 5th kid or the 6th kid? Why are you cheating when you're married with that many kids? Although I will say the "Stop it NOW!" was hilarious but I am glad it was signed off with "thank you". Only thing missing was the "-Management" tag on the end.

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