After winter hits and the heavy snow weighs on the concrete paved roads, we run our 2,000+ pound cars over the stressed road, the large box trucks, semi-trucks, campers, and other large vehicles compress our roads even more. Once all that snow melts we are left with a treacherous minefield of potholes all around our cities and state.

Obviously, this has been an ongoing issue for decades and we have yet to find a reasonable solution that keeps them from forming or at least manages the ones that have formed to keep them from getting larger. Instead, we're here swerving left, right, up, and down to avoid potholes, and we have a few options that could be used to resolve this problem.

The idea came to mind when surfing on Reddit and running across the post below. That's when it got my mind racing about how potholes can be better managed to refrain from our vehicles being destroyed.

Reporting potholes?
by u/Motomegal in kzoo

So with that in mind, here is a list of ideas that could help the city road commission with maintaining driveable roads and reducing the number of potholes and their severity.

Solutions To Michigan's Pothole Epidemic

Some ideas are made up but very reasonable approaches to having driveable roads and reducing pothole risks while driving.

7 Of The Worst Potholes in Grand Rapids, According To Reddit

Driving is already a hassle but when you add potholes into the equation, it gets even worse. Here are just a few of the potholes in Grand Rapids that you may want to avoid.

Top 10 States For Pothole Damage

Top 10 States For Pothole Damage