Greenhouses were an invention that once upon a time saved tons of plant species from dying out due to the conditions around them. Greenhouses create the right environments for these plants to flourish and bloom into the beautiful flowers they should be. I'm sure tons of greenhouses have saved friendships, families, and relationships as well.

Schram's has been around serving Portage residents and those in the surrounding areas with all of their flower and other plant needs. I understand that having a green thumb has become more popular over the years, which should keep greenhouses in the business right, well that's not always the case.

The Schram family got their business started 76 years ago in the name of another plant that is famous in the area, Celery. Ethel and Ed Scrham purchased the farm and slowly transitioned the greenhouse into the flower business we all knew to grow and love. They were one of the first to provide a takeout store and sell Christmas trees during the winter.

In recent years, the couple's sons David and John were running the business and continued to keep their parent's legacy alive. Earlier this year they announced that they would be closing the store this year. They encouraged everyone to come in on July 15th for customer appreciation day as they got ready to shutter their doors.

I wish we were able to have more information about why the brothers decided to close the doors for good. There will always be weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's days, and random occasions where people will need to purchase flowers, either way, all they had to say when they finally shut the door was "Closed. Thank you!"

11 Flowers You Don’t Want To Receive On Valentines Day

The giving of flowers on Valentine's Day became a tradition in the 18th century. The rose was the choice of the day because it symbolized love. Over time, other flowers were added, and each flower is also symbolic. What you may not realize, some flowers have a very negative message! Here is a handy guide that will alert you on 11 flowers you do NOT want to give that special person in your life on that special day celebrating love.