Sometimes you want the feel of a home-cooked meal but don't have the time to make it yourself or you're out on lunch and don't have time to stop at home, well supermarkets are the next best option. Most supermarkets and smaller grocery stores have a hot food buffet and the food is more than worth the money.

In the Kalamazoo area, there are a plethora of options and almost every supermarket offers a completely different spread than the previous. Options include fried chicken, potatoes in many forms, mac and cheese, ham, and much more.

Here's a list of the best supermarket hot food delis in the Kalamazoo area.

Kalamazoo Area Supermarkets With The Best Hot Food Delis

The supermarkets and other grocery stores that have a hot food spread available in their deli section within the Kalamazoo area.

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Easy and delicious chicken enchiladas

Gallery Credit: Dennis Malloy