Since the early 2000s, lawmakers have been working to find a way to limit the influence and success of Big Tobacco, but still allowing American citizens to have some freedom in the choices they make. Americans have been prey to the nicotine addiction and fatting the pockets of Big Tobacco corporations for as long as we can remember, eventually causing the government to step in and create laws.

These laws have not changed much here in America since they were implemented, but there have been plenty of happenings around vaping, as lawmakers do their best to keep the younger generations from falling into the trap of Big Tobacco. For years now, they have been looking to make a law banning some cigarette sales across the entire country, but it may be a while before this happens.

For quite some time now, the FDA and other lawmakers in our national government have been working religiously year-round to put together laws that will keep Americans safe and limit the harms against them from large corporations. One of the laws they have been working on for more than a decade but have not been able to get anything solidified on is the banning of cigarettes across the country.

This is important because they aren't sure that the new legislation will be a fan of the same guidelines that the current legislation has in mind, so they are working tirelessly to try and get this done before then, but it doesn't look good. Lawmakers are trying to not only limit Big Tobacco but encourage citizens to find healthier habits and coping mechanisms.

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