For some people going out to eat is a regular event in their week and is something they do multiple times a month, while for others it is a luxury that is reserved for special occasions only. It's nice to load up into the family vehicle and have someone prepare your food and wait on you, taking some of the load of dinner responsibility away from the family. The other part of going out is finding the places that can prepare your favorite meal the best.

Everyone has their go-to meal that they naturally gravitate towards when it is present on the menu but everyone likes a good burger and fries (unless they are a vegan or vegetarian). A simple hamburger (or cheeseburger) and a basket of fries can be seen on just about every restaurant menu, but that doesn't mean they all have good burgers. Some are much better than others and some come with fixins while others value simplicity. This restaurant in Southeast Michigan has the best burgers and fries in the state, can you guess what restaurant it is?

Michigan is a state that is full of amazing food but also full of sports bars as the mitten state loves its football, baseball, hockey, and other sports. With so many sports bars within the state lines, there are tons of places to get burgers and they are all slightly different than each other. Only one restaurant can be crowned as having the best burgers and fries in town and helped us find out who it is.

According to, California Burgerz, which has a location in Warren and another in Hamtramck, has the best burgers and fries in Michigan. I can understand how California Burgerz is considered the best in the state as they have an In-and-Out feel to their burgers, which are popular nationwide.

California Burgerz serves up a mouth-watering array of burgers and fries at its Warren and Hamtramck locations. The classic order is the signature combination of an Angus beef patty with pickles, lettuce, tomato, onions, American cheese, and proprietary CB Sauce all served on a brioche bun. Don't skip the Gorilla Fries, which come topped with 8oz of beef and bacon. Customers love the fact everything is made-to-order, so all of their food is always fresh and warm.

Have you been to California Burgerz? Can you vouch for them being the best burgers and fries in all of Michigan? Maybe I should make a trip myself and check them out.

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