Fruits and vegetables are vital to our human health and provide us with essential minerals and nutrients needed to live long lives. Now, the best practice is to grow your own produce and have a supply for your family in your backyard, but we understand that's not obtainable for everyone. so what's the next best option?

Most of us don't like making a trip to the grocery store but for fresh produce, the journey is more than worth it. From the large chain grocery stores like Meijer and Walmart to smaller locations like Midtown Fresh and D&W Market, there are a number of places in Kalamazoo to choose from.

After seeing this Reddit post below, I decided to see what stores in Kalamazoo were the best to shop at for fruits and vegetables.

by u/KzooBeerGirl in kzoo

So here is a list of those places in the Kalamazoo area to fulfill your produce needs.

The Best Places To Get Fresh Produce in Kalamazoo

Where to get the best fresh fruit, veggies, and other produce in the Kalamazoo area for the best bang for your buck along with variety.

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