I stumbled across an amazing spotlight series in Alabama due to a coworker of mine and instantly thought of the Kalamazoo area and how well this series could work here. Highlighting business owners, community leaders, and even the behind-the-scenes contributors will spread love and encourage further involvement.

Black History Makers is as clear cut as it sounds, it's a series geared toward highlighting black individuals within the community that are making history and creating change for the culture. We're looking for business owners, mentors, investors, teachers, and anyone else that's making a difference for our people.

The Kalamazoo area is in no shortage of these role models as they are available in all forums of the world. Whether we look at sports, entertainment, business, education, or countless other realms, there are numerous names that pop up. Some names come screaming at you while others peak out of the woodwork quietly.

As most of us know, February is Black History Month so we will have at least 20 some history makers to highlight this year and maybe we'll throw out a few more on some other significant holidays for the culture. This is where things get tricky with this project, but there is one simple solution.

I would like to ask all of you for some well-needed help. There's nothing like having your voice heard and shouting out someone who deserves the love. I have a handful of people and places in mind, but I would love to shine a light on who the community believes deserves it.

If you have any suggestions on who should be spotlighted during the Black History Makers series, I'm open to any and all names. You can reach out via The Block App using the chat feature or by commenting on one of the various social media posts you viewed the article on.

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