When starting this initiative, this was basically a no-brainer, I wasn't quite sure where on the list he would be, but without a shadow of a doubt he was going to make the list. When it comes to being known, supportive, but also efficient, this man may have the whole Kalamazoo County beat by far.

Bobby Hopewell, the former Mayor of Kalamazoo, is an outstanding man that has been doing for the city of Kalamazoo for so long that I don't remember a time before his help. Everywhere you went, you ran into Bobby Hopewell and not because he was following you but because he made an effort to be supportive to everyone.

From donating his own personal money, to showing up a plethora of events, or simply just having the tough conversations needed to make things better, we could count on Bobby Hopewell to be there. We have seen his work with multiple organizations throughout Kalamazoo including communities in schools, Kalamazoo Public Schools, the NAACP, and many more.

Bobby Hopewell was the definition of a positive role model, someone who exemplified desired behavior through their own actions. Especially for those of us in the Black community, who could see a successful black man on a regular basis. He showed up with a smile on his face and showed his gratitude for everyone.

Sometimes being a history maker is as simple as being yourself and living with passion. When you operate in a life of passion you do everything with 100% effort and energy, leaving behind an unforgettable legacy and encouraging others to follow in your footsteps.

Thank you, Bobby Hopewell, for being the man you are. Kalamazoo and the black community here will forever cherish you and things you have done for us, you are a Black History Maker.

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