Those growing up on the east side of the state and more particularly the Southeast region of the Mitten know how delicate of a topic Bumpy cake can be. It's one of the many things that the state is famous for and it is yielded from the Southeast region and they hold the rich dessert close to their hearts. It's one of those things that has to come up when food is being discussed right alongside Vernor's, Better Made, Coney Island, and Faygo to name a few.

Just a few months ago, there was an announcement that Bumpy Cakes were going to be much harder to get your hands on as they would be taken off shelves and out of stores. This sent many Michigan residents into a frenzy as they were trying to get their hands on a bumpy cake before they were no longer attainable. For a while, Michiganders thought their beloved bumpy cake was going to be gone forever, now they are getting news that their favorite dessert is making a return.

All those Bumpy Cake lovers can stop wondering where they're going to get their fix from and they can stop trying to make their own at home. This may be some of the best news they've ever heard as Sanders Bumpy Cakes will be back in stores here in Michigan.

This comes from Vic Mehren, the CEO of Second Nature Brands, the parent company of Sanders who states that they were able to find new partners that will deliver the Sanders Bumpy Cakes in the quality and service you all know and love. They have not announced when production will resume or when they will be back in stores but they are coming.

They have confirmed that chocolate, vanilla buttercream, and carrot cakes will be on sale at nearly all the stores they were available at before the bakery shut down. So if you've been craving Sanders Bumpy Cake, don't worry, you will be satisfied soon!

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