Coffee is one of the most used drinks in our world as many people start their day with a cup of Joe. We have all heard someone say "I need my morning coffee first", "I can't go a day without my morning coffee" or "Man, I could use some coffee right now". This is just the beginning of the coffee epidemic as many people say they can't live without it. Some people make sure that they have multiple coffees a day to stay their best selves.

I would say that these individuals have a caffeine addiction, which can give them the energy boost they are looking for but also cause them to crash. Some people leave their home with a coffee and by the time they get to work, they are using the Keurig. I'm cool with whatever floats their boat but coffee isn't necessarily the best for you. There are also the "Starbies" Who make their daily trip to Starbucks(if not multiple) to get their coffee fix. Some of them have their coffee mugs to showcase their support and love for the coffee chain but they might want to be careful in using them, as one of them has been recalled.

Starbucks has many different kinds of cups, tumblers, water bottles, coffee mugs, and other merchandise that can be purchased. Whether you would just like a nice cup for them to fill to save the environment or you would like to tell the whole world that you enjoy Starbucks, they have the thing for you. Some of their coffee mugs can be found at retailers like Target, which have Starbucks locations inside of them. One of their mugs has landed in the news as it has been recalled for injury concerns.

Nestle USA which owns Starbucks has recalled one of their coffee mugs due to the durability of the mug. They have recalled over 440,000 metallic Starbucks-branded Coffee Mugs as they have been found to overheat, break, or crack when placed in the microwave or when extremely hot liquids are poured into the mug.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission said Thursday there have been 12 instances of the mugs overheating or breaking, resulting in 10 injuries. Those injuries include nine severe burns and blisters on fingers or hands, and one cut on a finger. One of these injuries resulted in a need for medical attention.

The holiday mug sets weren’t sold in Starbucks stores, but rather sold online and in-store at Target, Walmart, and Nexcom, the military retail outlet. The different gift sets were sold from November 2023 through January 2024 for about $10, $13, or $20. Nestle and the CPSC have said that consumers should stop using the mugs immediately and either return them to the place of purchase or contact Nestle for a full refund.

Here is some more information about injuries and the recall of the Metallic Starbucks Coffee Mugs:

Burns and Lacerations Spark Starbucks Mug Recall

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Gallery Credit: United State Consumer Product Safety Commission