March 14th, which numerically reads 3.14 is the first three digits in the numerical value of Pi. We use Pi in Mathematics when discussing a circle's circumference and diameter but when spelled differently refers to delicious circular food items that we enjoy, such as pie and pizza.

The food versions of Pi are what most people remember after high school and people really only refer to the numerical value of the sign on March 14th. This is a day that many people go around looking for the best Pi day deals they can find. Looking all over for cheaper prices on pizza and pie.

When looking at Kalamazoo there is no shortage of pizza and pie places around town but how many of them are participating in Pi Day and giving out deals to celebrate the numerical phenomenon? Here's a list of where you can get some discounted pies today.

Places in Kalamazoo Having Deals For Pi Day

Places that are having deals and specials on March 14th to celebrate Pi Day.