The USFL made a return to the football universe last year after a 37-year absence. They were able to play in a "bubble-like" scenario in Birmingham, Alabama, last year. The Championship was played in Canton, Ohio, in which the Birmingham Stallions defeated the Philadelphia Stars to claim the inaugural championship.

This year, the USFL wants to get away from the bubble scenario and get some of these teams in front of some prospective fans. Now, the USFL doesn't quite have the money to branch off to all of the cities that the teams represent, but they were able to work themselves into four cities.

Each city will be "host" to two teams, but one team will serve as the true host of that location. The cities are Memphis Tennesse, Birmingham Alabama, Canton Ohio, and Detroit Michigan. Six teams will split their other three locations while two teams will play their home games at Ford Field.

The Michigan Panthers, which will be the true host of this location, and the Philadelphia Stars will be the lucky USFL teams that get to share their talent with the football fans in Michigan at Ford Field. Ironically, the Michigan Panthers defeated the Philadelphia Stars in the 1983 inaugural USFL Championship during the original USFL stint.

Now, I may be from Michigan but due to a family member playing for the Packers, I am a Green Bay fan and Cheesehead for life. So, I am not a struggling football fan, but fans across Michigan may be excited about professional football coming to the state that has the potential to be good.

They can't quite claim the Stars as their team, but they can for this year and who says a miracle can't happen with the number 1 pick and new Michigan Panthers? Either way, I think football fans in Detroit and across the state will be excited to have a chance to watch more football this spring and summer.

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