Shopping is something that almost everyone enjoys doing, going out and treating yourself to a few new items always makes the soul feel good, but the pockets cry sometimes. Well with the invention of outlet stores, thrift shops, and other affordable shopping options, even your pocket can enjoy a shopping spree.

Kalamazoo has a handful of these affordable shopping options including but not limited to second impressions, Plato's Closet, Salvation Army, and Goodwill. One of the outlet stores we are familiar with is B2. We saw their original location close with plans of something else coming, we now know what that something else is.

B2 wasn't closing for good. Instead, they were just preparing to open up down the street in a much bigger space during the month of March. As B2 was having large sales at their last location on West Main many customers were wondering if the store was closing and this is when the news was dropped that a new space was on the way.

B2 will be moving literally around the corner to the open commercial space in the Maple Hill Mall next to the Burlington Coat Factory. They will be occupying the former Montgomery Wards space in the strip mall that sits at 717 N Drake Rd, meaning the front entrance of the store will face Drake Rd.

The former store was a little smaller and had household items, decor, clothing, collectibles, and other overflow items from stores that would be sent here to be sold brand new for under retail price.

The new location will have some upgrades like furniture and other large items due to the 10,500sq foot upgrade. The old store was only 4,500sq feet while the new storefront is a whopping 15,0000sq feet, allowing for this store to make the necessary changes to be synonymous with the others in the area.

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