Antique collecting is a hobby that many people take the time to invest in - and we're talking a lot of time. From researching to know exactly what kind of artifacts they are looking for, what the origin of the artifacts are, and what kind of price range they should be in, and that doesn't even include the travel and actual shopping time.

Kalamazoo, being the smart city that it is, has many business owners who have invested in the antique business as there are multiple retro and antique shops around town. Now, there is a new one coming into the fold which will look to provide new knickknacks, gems, and other valuable items to the neighborhood.

Haggle will be moving into downtown Kalamazoo starting Thursday, March 16th at 10 a.m. and will be open until 6 p.m. They are taking an open space that is right next to the old retro furniture at 1305 S. Westnedge, in the Vine neighborhood, near Crosstown and Westnedge.

Haggle - Grand Opening TMRW 10-6 refreshments, neat things, and a new thing in Kalamazoo!!
by u/HaggleKzoo in kzoo

Now, this shop has given some sneak peeks to make some of us believe that it may become one of the best or most sought-after shops in the area within a matter of time. They have a wide variety of options and different types of antiques so just about anybody can find what they are looking for.

HaggleKzoo Reddit
HaggleKzoo Reddit

Listen, I don't know much about collecting animal skeletons or any other animal relics but Haggle is very much in the business. As one person noticed on Reddit leaving the below comment to bring attention to the reptile skulls shown below:

Comment by u/TiffkaKitka from discussion Haggle - Grand Opening TMRW 10-6 refreshments, neat things, and a new thing in Kalamazoo!! in kzoo

HaggleKzoo Reddit
HaggleKzoo Reddit

There are countless other hidden gems that the shop has laying within its walls and cases. I don't have a ton of experience in antique shopping but all bases seemed to be covered by Haggle.  

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