We all deal with spam calls coming from unknown numbers that reside in states halfway across the country. Most of us just ignore these calls, maybe block the number, and move on with our day while some may answer and entertain them or ask for them to remove them from their list. It seems like the only way to avoid these calls is to not have a phone at all.

Although spam calls are being placed all over the world and are aimed at people all over the country, some states and cities receive more spam calls than others. I think city size, population, and economy may all be factors in why they receive more calls but there is no finite information available. Illinois is a state that gets a lot of love due to the Windy City and its sports teams which makes it popular and well-known worldwide, landing it in the top 5 for spam calls in the United States.

It's no surprise that cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas, and other large cities are on the list for receiving the most spam calls in the country. All of these cities are large metropolitan areas that have more residents and money than many other cities in the country. Research from Flatworld Solutions shows which states and cities have the most spam call complaints with an interactive map.

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To no surprise to anyone, Illinois lands in the top 5 for spam call complaints in the country. There is a logical explanation for this as Illinois is a state with a large population which means there is a higher chance for spam calls in this area. The map shows that Illinois has 5,595 unwanted call complaints which is 45 calls per 100,000 residents.

Meanwhile both Clinton and Chicago top 7 for cities with the most unwanted calls, pushing Illinois numbers higher. Clinton was the city with the most complaints with 2,316 calls while Chicago wasn't far behind with 771 calls. All of these figures are larger than the national averages for both city and state unwanted call levels.

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