For years the violence within the Kalamazoo community has continued to rise and they have been finding ways to minimize the violence, promote safety, and create spaces for individuals to enjoy themselves. A couple of things people in Kalamazoo always bond over and enjoy themselves around are food and basketball.

For the last 5 years, leaders around the city have gathered together to put on an event that is tailored around stopping the violence in our city and bringing out people together for a good time. They have been hosting a Basketball Tournament that has cash prizes, music, raffles, and more. This year, the tradition continues.

This year the 6th annual Stop the Violence Basketball Tournament will take place at Lacrone Park on Kalamazoo's northside. The tournament will be on July 15th and there will be 8 teams with 10-man rosters. There is a $400 entry fee for the teams and a $3500 cash prize to the winning team and the signup deadline of June 1st.

The event will take place from 12 pm to 8 pm and will have a plethora of things to divulge. There will be food, music from a live DJ, games, activities, raffle giveaways, and more so that everyone can have a good time. There is bleacher seating available if people would like to watch the basketball games.

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