It seems like every time we turn around there is another business shuttering its doors forever or looking for a new owner to take over the responsibilities. Like of course this has been the revolving cycle of business since the beginning of the business sector. There are many different factors that go into running a business, keeping a business afloat, or selling a business and the past couple of years have been extremely tough on business owners.

It comes as no surprise that the Covid-19 pandemic is one of the major issues that businesses have been battling with. From trying to recover from the profit losses to having trouble finding employees to work, businesses are caving in left and right. Godfather's Pizza in Kalamazoo is just the next business to be shutting down for good due to a number of factors.

The owners had been thinking about shutting down to ovens and closing the dining room for quite some time now, but their customers had gotten wind of their thoughts. They showed up in numbers and were able to convince the owners to keep the doors open so they can continue to eat the great pizza they grew up on. This time that won't be the case after tragedy struck again, Godfather's will be saying goodbye to Kalamazoo.

The owner was attending a family reunion in Wisconsin and did not return from the trip. I am not entirely sure what happened, but he did lose his life and is no longer with us. He left Godfather's to his wife and co-owner who has been managing to keep things running in his absence. She told her staff that she just can't do it anymore and will be shutting Godfather's down on December 10th.

Although this is a sad day, you still have a couple of weeks to go to Godfather's Pizza and enjoy their salad and pizza buffet. Or maybe you want to order take out for the family, their cheese bread and dessert pizzas are next level good. Lastly, maybe you just want to go in and sit in the ambience and enjoy the nostalgic feeling before you can't anymore.

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