As we continue to learn more about ourselves, our bodies, brains, and more we are changing how we do things. One of the changes that has taken the storm over the last decade has been the vegan movement. Many individuals are turning away from meat and other animal-produced products and choosing to eat green.

This movement has caused many restaurants, grocery stores, and other businesses that provide food to offer vegan options on their menus. It's normal now to be able to get plant-based or animal-free food options just about where you go and in Kalamazoo, they have taken the month of May to a new Vegan level.

Starting on May 1st a number of restaurants, breweries, and other food places in Kalamazoo added extra vegan options to their menu as they are participating in the Kalamazoo Vegan Chef Challenge. The challenge runs through the end of the month and encourages residents to visit the different restaurants try some of their vegan options and vote.

This month, these Kzoo restaurants have added extra vegan options to their menu
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Restaurants such as One Well Brewing, 600 Kitchen, Bell's, University Roadhouse, Crow's Nest and more all decided to join in on the fun. Those who participate are directed to to place their votes. They are not only looking to encourage residents to eat better but for these establishments to think about the number of Vegan options they offer their potential customers. Vegan Kalamazoo will be hosting some gatherings at a few locations according to the following Reddit comment, this might be a good time to talk with others who take the Vegan route if you have questions.

by u/hillaryrettig1 from discussion This month, these Kzoo restaurants have added extra vegan options to their menu
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