K Pop, Manga, and Anime have continued to grow in the United States but Korean TV dramas and movies have garnered interest as well. As America continues to serve as a melting pot of the world, cultures will continue to grow in presence and desire, which is part of what makes America a great country. One of the most important parts of all cultures is cuisine and food is often one of the first things someone uses to share their culture with others.

Korean culture is just like any other culture and has traditional foods that have significant meaning. Some of their all-time favorites have started to have quite the demand in the United States which has led to a boom in the food industry. Korean Restaurants have been popping up all over the country and this city in Michigan is getting another specialized Korean Restaurant in July of 2024.

Two Korean dishes are more popular than the rest, especially here in America. Korean Corn Dogs are exactly what you expect them to be, a crazy twist on the American staple corndog. I have seen them with several different combinations coated on the outside like hot Cheetos and cheese, cheese and ramen noodles, or potatoes. As you can imagine these have a peculiar taste but is something Americans are used to.

The other is for dessert lovers as we are going over to the sweets. Those with a sweet tooth know that there's nothing better than coming across a new dessert, luckily for us, they have donuts as well. Mochi donuts also known as poi mochi, are a fusion pastry combining the traditional American donut and Japanese mochi. They often come in 8 small balls that are circular and easy to pull apart.

Now, you're probably wondering what the name of this new restaurant is and what city it's going to be in. Well, without further ado, Mochinut Kalamazoo will be opening in July of 2024 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Mochinut will be opening on Gull Road in Kalamazoo in the plaza that also houses Two Fellas Grill, Jimmy Johns, and Dominoes. I believe they are taking over the old North Eleven space.

Have you had Korean Corn Dogs or Mochi donuts yet? If not, this may be the opportunity you were looking for!

Here's a Korean restaurant to use as a reference for what we will be getting here in Kalamazoo.

Aurora's Mochinut: Corndogs, Boba and Mochi Donuts

We went to TikTok's viral Mochinut in Aurora. This is what we ordered.

Gallery Credit: Matt Sparx