Learning how to drive was one of the simplest tasks that was made harder by not only myself but also instructors. I feel like many of the things we learn in Driver's training either overwhelm some young drivers or is simply just unnecessary and then you couple that with your parents being scared or freaking out while you're driving, and things are bound to go wrong.

How about we focus on teaching everyone the rules of the road and how they slightly change depending on the current scenario. Something small like knowing that you can make a left turn on red when you're driving on a one way, and you are turning on is a one way or that speeding is subjective. Many people believe that there is a "sweet range" that is acceptable to drive even though it is over the limit, but is that really true?

One of the biggest things about driving is keeping up with the flow of traffic, which can be tricky at times due to some situations you may be placed in. We see it on the highway all the time, there's someone in the left lane holding up all the traffic behind them and there's a large gap between them and the car in front. If you can't keep up you're supposed to stay to the right.

This ideology of keeping up with the flow of traffic has created a notion that you are allowed to drive somewhere between 5 to 10 miles per hour over the speed limit because everyone else is doing it. Some people also just believe that police have bigger fish to fry than someone who's driving 10mph over the posted speed limit.

Well, to dispel that notion, you are not permitted to be driving over the speed limit whatsoever. Realistically, a cop could pull you over for going 1mph over the speed limit and write you a citation. This doesn't happen often but there is a reason that the cost of speeding tickets goes up based upon how many mph over the limit you are. So don't be one of those people who thinks the cops have better things to do, because you could be paying hefty fines.

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