I'm not saying anything is for sure or alluding to any rumors, it's simply just food for thought. If we take a look at the long, luxurious, and illustrious career the rap mogul enjoyed there's plenty to call back on. From countless hit singles to amazing albums and dozens of fantastic live performances, Lil Wayne is considered of the greatest to ever do it.

Young Money and Rolling Loud announced that they would be presenting Lil Wayne's "Welcome To Tha Carter" tour which will visit 28 cities between Canada and the United States. There's a chance this is the last time Lil Wayne ever performs any of his music but luckily, he's making several stops in the Midwest and I have them all below.

Lil Wayne is one of the longest-standing talents in the rap game, from teenagers now to those who are in their 40s and 50s, have heard of Lil Wayne and will most likely be attending these concerts across the continent. Rap music is a crucial part of many people's cultures within the region, including in the Midwest, so where can Midwesterners see Lil Wayne during this tour?

All In April

All of the available shows in our area are during the month of April, which gives you some time to prepare. The first of the shows will be in Chicago at Radius on April 9, his first time in the Windy City since 2019 at Lollapalooza. The next show is just two days later in the state of Michigan.

Lil Wayne will then use the day in between to travel and prepare for his next show which will take place in Detroit. Tha Carter show will be at The Fillmore in downtown Detroit on April 11. This will be the first time Lil Wayne will be back in Detroit since the Biggest Show in 2018 at Little Caesar's Arena.

Later in the month of April, Weezy will be making a stop in a city that he hasn't been to in a LONG time. He hasn't been in Cleveland since he was there with Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, and Travis Barker WAY back in 2011. This show will be on April 28 at the House of Blues in Downtown Cleveland.

Whether you're one of the old-head Wayne fans or you're one of the young bucks that only knows Weezy F Baby, this tour will be enjoyable for you. Old heads, you might want to sit this one out and give the young kids a shot to see greatness since some of you may have already gone. On the flip side, young people, let's be smart and enjoy the night. Oh, and don't make fun of the old couples there.

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