Michigan shoppers should continue to be aware of the products they are purchasing from grocery stores in particular. Sure, there are recalls on other products that don't involve the food we eat but those recalls are more pressing. There are recalls for toys and vehicles that can have the same implications but the food-bourne illnesses are scary.

With that being said we have seen a number of recalls from Trader Joe's in the last couple of months that have caused shoppers to be weary of the products they are purchasing from their stores but this is a widespread issue that affects shoppers at all kinds of grocery stores. There is a recall on large amounts of ground beef that is not only affecting Michigan but the United States as a whole.

There are always alternatives to buying meat from large grocery stores that purchase from large meat processing plants. Michigan is lucky to have many different local butchers and meat processors across the state that use local resources.

Michigan Meat Markets & Butchers, 1900-1920s