It's no secret that the government has been fighting against big tobacco for years as they have been trying to get those tobacco companies to stop making their branding appealing to young teenagers. They wanted those companies to target adults and let adolescents enjoy their youth and choose to indulge in tobacco after they had turned 18.

Well, this didn't work so they pushed the age limit back to 21 which helped a little bit, but they still need to do more. They decided to ban certain flavors of tobacco and vape products to stall the companies, but they fought back again. Now, they have fallen back a little and have decided to leave the age at 21, but after seeing what's happening overseas, many states in America, including Illinois may be changing their minds.

Over in the U.K, they have noticed that 4 out of 5 individuals who use tobacco get started at a young age. Then later on in life, a vast majority of these users try to quit and end up in the cycle that is breaking a bad habit, especially one with withdrawals. They are looking for ways to break the beginning stage of the cycle and hopefully begin ending one of the biggest and preventable means of disease and death.

Their plan is to introduce a what will be called the "smoke free generation" legislation. They will be looking to sign a bill into law that says the legal age to buy cigarettes will raise by one year, every year. This means that once that year is established everyone who falls beneath the age will never be allowed to buy cigarettes legally.

Now, this is occurring overseas, more specifically in the UK for now, but that doesn't mean that it can't make its way over here. If this system proves to be successful there's a chance that many states with the US begin the adopt this ideology and follow the same guidelines. If this were to make its way here would you agree? Do you think Illinois should write this bill into law?

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