Michigan is one of the many states across America that is blessed to have a very rich Indigenous heritage and history as many of the landmarks, casinos, state parks, and county/city names can be attributed to the indigenous community. No, the entire state of Michigan is not named by the indigenous community but you can find out where all the county names originated here.

As you can tell, the names are a big emphasis here but that's because so many of them are unique, or so we thought. Learning that there are 5 Kalamazoos around the United States alone, got me thinking about other cities that are replicated around the country. Springfield has to be the most common city name as there seems to be one in every state but what about Battle Creek?

Battle Creek, Michigan is known as the Cereal Capital of the country as Kellogg's was founded there but also because Post has a manufacturing facility there as well. Cereal and Basketball are two things that Battle Creek, Michigan is most famous for, although it may not be the only Battle Creek in the United States, it's the most famous.

Okay, you're probably wondering the same thing I was, where are these other Battle Creek cities located? Firstly, there are 5 other Battle Creeks around America, making a total of 6, and two more are in the Midwest. There is also a Battle Creek in both Iowa and Nebraska, the other 3 can be found in South Carolina, Colorado, and Virginia.

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Battle Creek in Nebraska is almost a carbon copy of Michigan's as Wikipedia explains the origins of the city. The only difference about 51,000 people live in Michigan while only 1,200 live in Nebraska, the other 4 were much harder to find info on as the only notable information about them is below:

  • Colorado: The city is sitting right on the state line that separates Wyoming and Colorado.
  • Iowa: is named after a stream in Ida County and has about 678 residents.
  • South Carolina: known for its beautiful Battle Creek Falls
  • Virginia: Page County landfill, is an unincorporated community

I tell you what, before today, I wouldn't have known that there was more than one Battle Creek in Michigan.

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