Everyone has a different opinion on tipping culture and how it has changed in recent years but everyone is in agreeance that servers deserve a living wage. For years, the battle has been on between servers and their employers to pay them a wage that they can live comfortably off of while collecting tips to be supplemental income. This conversation has been at a stalemate for some time as neither side is willing to budge much.

This means that a lot of pressure has been placed on servers and customers to ensure that this person can live. The server is now stressed and has to perform above their duties to make sure people see them in a positive light to tip them, but on the other side, customers who choose not to tip or can't afford to tip have been villainized. Although this is the case, Michigan residents can hold their heads high as they rank amongst the best in the United States for tipping service workers.

It's no surprise that where you live determines how much you are tipped. Logically, the states and cities that have better economies are going to warrant higher tips due to how much the food costs and more disposable income. The other thing that I think gets overlooked but plays a huge part in this is the value placed on morals and manners in that part of the country.

Some places in the United States are nicer than others, we've all heard of Southern hospitality and Midwest love but at the same time we've heard of people being nasty people down in Texas or even over in New York, so everything isn't created equally. Service providers in Michigan, are benefitting from a decent economy and great manners.

Michigan easily falls inside of the top 10 for tipping rates in the country. Toast is a digital payment platform used by restaurants and their Q1 data shows tipping trends across the country. Michigan was well amongst the highest as residents of the Mitten state have an average tip rate of 20.20%.

Michigan or other states could rank higher on this list as this only accounts for credit/debit card transactions and tips and doesn't factor in cash. Do you follow this trend of around 20.20%? What are your opinions on the tipping culture of Michigan and the United States as a whole?

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