Murals are created for several different reasons including remembering, highlighting, and showcasing someone, something, or an event that took place. Most of the time murals are made because that person, place, thing, or event is significant to the area where the mural stands.

Just like anything else, no two murals are created the same as different artists create each masterpiece. Also, depending on the amount of money, the amount of space, and other variables this could separate murals from each other. Also, the climate in the area where the mural stands can change the quality over time, so there are tons of variables in the pot. There are murals all over the country but there is only one of them that is larger than this mural in Michigan.

Sometimes murals are made simply to improve an area by bringing some beauty and creativity to it. That's exactly what happened with The Shine Bright Saginaw Mural Project and these abandoned silos in Saginaw, Michigan that have now been transformed into the second largest mural in the entire United States. Here's a Facebook post showing the last of the painting and the crowd that gathered to see it.

The artist, Okuda San Miguel, is from Spain but is known globally for his geometrical patterns and the grey figures that sit on top of them. He brought along a crew that would help him bring this masterpiece to life on these silos in Michigan. There were 5 artists from Mid-Michigan on the team as well as artists from around the world, it took the team 18 days to complete the mural.

The Machine Shop Flint Mural

Gallery Credit: Johanna Hoelzle and Michael Cobley

The Goat Cannabis Shop Smokers Mural

Located at 752 S US-131, Three Rivers, MI 49093

Gallery Credit: The Goat Cannabis

Grand Rapids Highland Park Boulder Wall Gets New Murals

Artist Nick Nortier has created a new public art piece on the boulder wall at Grand Rapids' Highland Park.