Shopping is something that some of us love to do while others dread the entire process. Whether you are going to the grocery store to grab groceries, headed to the mall for new clothes/shoes/accessories, or even a department store like Best Buy for electronics you should always have your head on swivel and ears open. This may seem like common sense but often times many shop without thinking about their surroundings.

All box stores in America have a color-coded announcement system that notifies shoppers of the danger that exists in the store at the moment. This is why I say to have your ears open, we oftentimes dismiss in-store announcements for employees to help a customer, clean up an aisle, or something else. Meanwhile, color-coded messages have a very important meaning.

These are all scary events and should be something everyone should be aware of so they know how to act when they hear the message. According to Common Cents Moms, there are seven color-coded messages which are Brown, Red, Green, Blue, Orange, White, and Black.

Code Brown

If you hear code brown you should find the nearest exit and leave the building as soon as possible. You should also call 911 as code brown means there is an active shooter or other violent acts occurring in or around the outside of the store.

Code Red

Code Red is self-explanatory, this one means that there is a fire within the building and everyone should evacuate as soon as possible. If you are on fire you should stop, drop, and roll.

Code Green

When you hear code green you should act with caution but be advised that other instructions may be barked out as this means there is an active hostage situation unfolding within the store.

Code Blue

This time the B stands for bomb as a code blue warning means that someone has called in a bomb threat. Although many of these threats turn out to be false I won't be the one to stick around to find out if it's real or not. I would advise that you exit the premises as soon as you can.

Code Orange

This means that there has been a dangerous chemical leak somewhere within the store and to be aware of the air quality or the actual spill. You should also note that this would be completely different at a hospital as code orange means unforeseen disaster and mass casualties there.

Code White

Is the least severe of all of the warnings as this one pertains to an accident occurring within the store that is not an immediate danger to anyone else.

Code Black

This is also a little more mild-tempered as this relates to having some severe weather outside or in the surrounding area that may lead to shoppers being asked to stay within the store to ensure their safety while the weather passes through.

All of these alerts are important to know and be aware of while shopping not only in Michigan but in the entire country as this is a nationwide system. Also, there is one last code you should be aware of, Code Adam. This is for a lost child within the store as this is named after Adam Walsh, the son of John Walsh(America's Most Wanted Host), who was abducted from a Sears in 1981 and never seen again.

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